RE: [CR]Anyone seen Bicycling lately?

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From: "matt yee" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Anyone seen Bicycling lately?
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 20:38:00 -1000
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Bicycling is one of those magazines that fueled my obsession just as I got back into bikes. It's a magazine that plays almost solely on trick component and material hype. It's also something that when I see on the newstands now, I don't even want to touch it. Everything that I love about bicycles today, can't be found in Bicycling.

Everyone has to make money, I suppose. Yet take a look at Dirtrag; or Bike; two magazines which are still writing and taking pictures about the simple wonders of just getting out and riding, while still satisfying the needs of their advertisers.

But the most wonderful mags I think can be found within more specific interest circles. The first day I opened up the Rivendell Reader I was impressed. Here is a periodical that shares my love of the bike.

Zines are also sources of good bike info. If anyone is into media dealing with the social, political, environmental and FUN aspects of cycling, my internet pal Scott Spitz out in Indianapolis publishes a bike zine called Leapfrog. Yeah there's a slight amount of bike messenger worshipping (which I can't really get into) but the content is there. ;-)

PS. If anyone is interested in a zine like this, contact me offlist and I'll get you his contact info.

Matt Yee
Honolulu, HI