[CR]need help with some ideas on my Gran Sport (Ch.2 of the saga)

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I remember when I had first posted that I picked the Raleigh Gran Sport for $100 and I think I asked Dale on sheldon brown's site if I should update the components or leave it as is. I took it down to my local bicycle shop and talked to the shop pro there as well.. Just so I don't get too disorganized here I believe Dale said it would be ok to update it and my friend Josh who is the shop pro at Schwinn City over here in Antioch said to leave it alone. I want to ride the bicycle on the Waves to Wine ride this year and do the double century but I'm afraid the Simplex gears will not hold up to the challenge (the delrin plastic ones). Recently my dad was driving down a backroad and found what appeared to be a 1960's Columbia roadster is awful condition with no shifters and the handlebar retaining clamp on the stem was broken off but everything else was salvagable. It has Huret Allvit derailleurs that I was considering on swapping for the Simplex gears mainly because of reliability of these components but I have not decided whether or not if I should. I was also thinking of the possibility of switching the bicycle to ergo bars with aero levers for more ride comfort. As far as gears are concerned I don't have any problems with a 10 speed drivetrain and I've been told a bicycle such as mine is like owning a Porsche from the 60's and that no one would alter a 60's Porsche and why alter my bicycle? I love the bicycle a lot and based on what information I've provided on ideas, etc. Can anyone help me out? -Bryon Wright Antioch, CA

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