[CR]Bob Rogen introduction to CR List members

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From: "bob rogen" <teamrogen@msn.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 19:41:08 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Bob Rogen introduction to CR List members

Hello. I just joined the CR member list and was guided by pal Bob Hovey that an introduction is in order. I came of age with pro bikes in the early 1970's while in college (first nice bike was an all-Campy Monark made of 531 which came from a shop mechanic). I used to see Brian Baylis's work at Carnevale's Bike Shop in Huntington Beach, where I also fell in love with those deep blue Gios Torinos that Roger and Eric de Vlaeminck rode (isn't Dirk F's the finest example ever seen?). I was hooked from there and have enjoyed a number of bikes over the years, but favorites are early to mid 1970's road bikes, randonneur/touring models and British "rough stuff" bikes. My current stable includes a Glenn Erickson "Seattle" lugged road bike (takes fenders and rear rack, longer chainstays) that fluctuates between being all Campy NR or Mavic SSC, a Waterford-built Rivendell All-Rounder set up with Campy SR, Mavic and Nitto gear, and a custom lugged fixed gear road bike with C-Record hubs and headset and Campy long reach sidepulls and Gipiemme cyclocross crankset (you may see this bike at http://www.fixedgeargallery.com, it is bike #344). I collect Campy NR/SR/pista, Mavic SSC and French bits, as well as musettes and cycling books. I also collect fine rangefinder cameras and mechanical watches (and a Swatch watch now and then).

I have been married 21 years to a tolerant and wonderful woman. I worked in the bike industry for awhile in between a gig at Boeing as an engineer (where Harlan of Hi-E fame was a contract engineer) and my current work as an environmental engineer. I have passions for photography (with film) and 1950-1970's jazz (vinyl and cd). I look forward to meeting many of you and welcome the opportunity to make the world smaller through this connection. Best wishes,

Bob Rogen
Sacramento CA