[CR]New Singer and Mariposa Photos

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From: "dbrk" <dbrk@mail.rochester.edu>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 21:25:40 -0400
Subject: [CR]New Singer and Mariposa Photos

Apologies to those for whom this is redundant as subscribers to the iBOB.

Last week the new Alex Singer arrived from Paris. Mr. Csuka did a beautfiul job. I asked for many of the distinctive Singer treats including the single headtube "lug", braze on for the frt. der., internal seatpost binder, generator switch, and the chrome. You'll notice that the headtube has no decal, this is also a distinctive feature of this sort of build. I have the proper Berthoud bag that fits the custom stem gizmo. Mr. Csuka was nice enough to put my name and address on the stem button. Parts are NOS, all my favorites: Huret changers, TA cranks, Mafac brakes, Maxicar hubs, etc.

Also new is the Mariposa Randonneur done up in a fine shade of "Legnano yellow." It is actually a bit darker than the original yellow of Legnanos but, to my eye, quite handsome. The idea here was to give Mike Barry a free hand to put together the best of old and new. Mike's custom racks are gorgeous and the fasteners are stunningly neat and effective. He spec'd Centaur 10 speed Ergo triple changers, modern lights and Litespin generator painted to match, plus he put a neat stripe down the Honjo fenders.

If you are interested you can find both bikes here: http://photos.yahoo.com/dvicakrababa or go to the photos at yahoo.com and use my i.d.: dvicakrababa to get in. Look for Singer Randonneur 2003 and Mariposa Audax. The other Singers and Mariposas are in separate folders.

I've put some miles on both bikes now and they ride as beautifully as they are made. Your comments are, of course, most welcome. I hope someday to bring the lot of them to the Cirque but my schedule has not permitted this yet. Soon then.

Douglas Brooks
Bristol, New York