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Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 11:21:46 -0400
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Good point! I just set my '58 Hetchins up with a Benelux shifting an stiff 1/8" Reynold Elite chain across a 4 speed Cyclo 14-20 freewheel with a single Chater Lea 48T chain ring.. I could not bare the noise I would get in the 14T gear - in fact the chain dropped on several occaisions in protest. I switched to a modern 1/8" cheap BMX chain and operations are as smooth as silk, although it does not shift quite as crisply.

Paul Raley Leonardtown MD

"Raoul Delmare" <> wrote:
>Hey Thanks Steven ,
>    Somehow I'd failed to look at it that way .    Explains it very well .
>Chain stiffness !
>    And it certainly helps explain why the first cable-operated derailleurs
>were for  :
>3-speeds with  1/8  chain
>4-speeds with  3/32  chain
>    I've always winced at the thought of trying to put very much side to
>side deflection on a  1955  1/8 inch chain !
>                Raoul Delmare
>                Marysville Kansas
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>> Marcus wrote:
>> > I know most of the literature says don't use the small-small or big-big
>> > combinations.  Doesn't this generally refer to triples and/or modern
>> > with wider spacing?  I would think that on bikes in the CR timeframe,
>> > double chainrings, cross-chaining would not be as big of an issue,
>> > the chainstays were really short.
>> Actually the crossing on older bikes was far more problematic than with
>> bikes. Modern chains are now so flexible that most can handle quite severe
>> sideways bending, something that was definitely not possible in the
>> era. As the chains didn't flex, this meant extreme pressure on the teeth
>> both chainrings and freewheel. Friction derailleurs on the other hand do
>> keeping derailleurs in check with extreme angles easier.
>> Steven Maasland
>> Moorestown, NJ