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The Suntour VX would be out about 1976 on the Fuji S12S. Considering the price, performance, weight and finish the VX could be the ultimate value derailleur.

OK now a Japanese parts poll. How many CR members have a set of red anodized dust caps for Sugino Mighty Cranks? These appeared on very early cranks, about 1972. I do, I do!

Red anodize was really a 1960s thing. I think of Wienmann and GB. Other than anodized Dia-Compe brake pivots and handle QRs (Schwinn like yellow on the same parts) it was not favored on Japanese parts and Sugino gave it up.

Joe B-Z

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> Eric,
> I'd thought the SunTour VX derailleurs were mostly from the late 70s or
> early 80s, and the Sugino AT from the mid 80s or later. But I'm just
> guessing, kinda.
> The Sugino AT, by the way, is a great triple crankset. I've heard some
> folks rate it up there with the TAs. I've got one on my
> too-new-for-this-list RB-2, and I love it. (For a while I had a Sugino
> Super Mighty, a Campagnolo copy, on there, but the hills in this part of WI
> convinced me to go with a triple.)
> Nath Dresser
> Spring Green, WI