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Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 20:52:50 +0200

Also!.................Within the line-up of the Prestige, there was the Super Prestige of which had a pearling effect to the 3 main tubes. this was 4 evenly spaced rows of dimples running the the length of the tube. Since Italian made Masis such as the Prestige was not offered within the U.S market, for sure this must be one rare bird for the U.S! As it is, it's a hard find for the Euro market as well. I've only seen 2, of which Matteo offed on ebay and the 2nd was owned by myself! This one was lost in the fire.........So now I'm in need for another.

Then there's the aero tubed Prestige! I never knew that this ever exsited until this guy drove up and said what do you think about this! 3 main tubes are semi oval while it takes a standard sized seat post. Well I'm now the owner of this frameset the owner offed it to me for letting him use my shop to strip the parts for another frameset.......................I've only seen one of these and it's the one that I now own. Now if it was only my size!..........Darn!

So where does these 2 fit in with the Production of the Prestige? Workmanship on the Super was well done, a very nice piece if I do say so. For sure up there with some of the best. How did it ride!.................Like a Masi! Stiff when I needed it to be, cushy when needed most and fast as can be.........This could have been my choice of components as well. Aero tubed rigg...................Not as nice...........But still very different.

BC Baron C.....................And the gang Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.

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> writes:
> Later, in the 1970s,
> as different tube sets were offered by Columbus and Reynolds, there
> would be additional models added to the line. Examples would be
> Reynolds 531 followed by the lighter, more expensive 753, or Columbus SL
> followed by the lighter, more expensive SLX etc.
> I agree with Chuck's comments about the Masi model line. And, I agree that
> given same lugsets and only tubing differences that the 753 was lighter (and
> more expensive) than the 531 bicycle, but I do believe that SLX was actually
> about 30 grams heavier than the SL frame, given the same set of conditions--only
> change of tubes. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL