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Subject: Re: [CR]hamfist, butterfingers
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 12:20:10 -0700

Kool Stop makes replacement shoes for old type campy, Mafac, etc holders. The shoes fit some better than others.
>From their website:

Premium Quality for original restoration projects and everyday use. Set of 4 replacement pads black compound only; Part number KS-CR

Kool-Stop Campy Replacement pad

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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Subject: [CR]hamfist, butterfingers

> Last night while adjusting the front brake I broke the wheel guide off of
> one of the shoes. I was squeezing the front brake using the wheel guides,
> instead of using a 3rd hand tool. The brakes are SR, with the black rubber
> on the wheel guide. I did not realize they could be so fragile. I have
> always used the guides as handles before. A quick search of the web
> reveals that replacement brake pads are easy to find, but the shoes are not
> so plentiful.
> Does anyone have a spare? Or a source?
> The pads are kind of old anyway. What do people on the list like for
> replacements?
> I know it will not be period correct, but do newer Campy shoes fit the old
> calipers?
> Marcus Helman
> Huntington Woods, MI