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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 00:15:25 +0200

Nick and crew!

Well you should check out the offerings of Tommasini, there's the Sintesi with standard sized tubes chromed lugs, standard fork crown, curved forks along with braze on gear lever boses! Then there is the Tecno of which may be built with oversized tubing.................But is a great looking frame. Check them out @ .......And the prices are no where close to 2K! Try a tad less than $ 1,000-. And right now the Tecno is available for $ 850.- @ . They look great and you can't beat the price................I''ll be snagging 1 or 2 myself but from this side of the pond.

There's also Faggin with I think 3 different lugged framsets, road, pista and cross. No web site, I found them being offered elsewhere through a German supplier?!?!...Now I need to go and look for them......................again?!?!

So to say, their still out there just not in big numbers.............With prices that won't leave you pennyless. So support these guys for you never know when they just might throw in the towl on fully lugged steel framesets with real lugged style fork crowns and gear lever boses.

BC Baron C....................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland...................Doing our best to real in as much old goods as possible.

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> At the very least Masi is paying homage to the style of its past. I really don't expect any production bicycle company to ever again make a truly hand-built frame. Hence this is probably as close as they will come; considering price points and the skill of their existing labor pool. It ain't like it used to be; but its nice to at least give some consumers an option to buy lugged steel from a recognized brand.
> Nick Zatezalo
> Atlanta,Ga
> I think it's cool that these bikes are being made too but I think your
> disappointment about the construction refinements are an example of
> comparing apples to oranges. I don't know but I suspect that these
> frames,
> if they ever come to market, aren't going to be priced as supreme works of
> framebuilding. These will most likely need to meet a price point and the
> amount of labor in the frames will parallel that. I suspect these frames
> will be on par with the typical Italian "workman style" we have come to
> know
> as opposed to the "no holds barred style" that's prevalent in what are
> considered the "finer" frames of our time. Like the lugs or not, I think
> it's pretty cool that Masi inspired, new Sachs lugs might adorn Masis.
> Curt Goodrich
> Minneapolis, MN