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Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 17:21:32 +0200
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Classic Campagnolo parts!.................I don't think so! It would cost a fortune to tool up for a short run! Campagnolo destroyed all of thier old tooling. This was passed onto us vis Simmons of Belgium the once one of largest Campagnolo dealer in the world! They were tight with the Campa boys, on my visits of the early '80s! I would count no less that 3 '40 ft trucks in the back stuffed with Campagnolo only! I remember seeing an old guy climbing around looking for stuff!...........A record crankset dropped out of the truck! The old guy jumped down looked at the crankset, shrug his shoulders and walked away! There it sat on the ground with other Campy items some must of been there for a long time, boxes were beat and whethered with the parts sitting near by. If they only knew..................Hey! Chuck, Lee Berg and other older list members! Remember those $ 35.- Pista pedals and those $ 45.- NR normal reach calipers, these came from Simmons..........Darn those were the days.

BC Baron C...................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.

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> The geometry is not from '78, ewwww 74 seat angle.
> Pretty blue. Retro must be in, Pegoretti is making their Lugino a
> production frame this year, last year it was a limited edition, something
> about not being able to find enough lugs. Price a mere 2400$, not as
> much as Pinarello Dogma (great name for a bike), but it does make lots
> of American builders look like a great deal.
> Can new production "Classic Campagnolo" parts be far behind ?
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