Re: [CR]Removing Old Glue From Rims Question.

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 12:50:57 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: [CR]Removing Old Glue From Rims Question.
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"C. Andrews" <> wrote:Jasco paint remover!!! Yikes. That stuff is *deadly*! Metaphorically as well as in fact.

I used gallons of it in my early career as a boat-refinisher. Never, ever, ever again. Among other things the fumes are very toxic, and it burns badly if it gets on your skin. I know, believe me. Have lots of running water handy if you're gonna use this stuff, and if even the tiniest drop gets in your eyes...well..'nuff said.

I've had excellent results removing rim glue buy using a medium blade screwdriver, and *lightly* knocking off the loose glue. A few small scratches in the surface are ok, they'll just help the next new layer of glue stick. If the old glue is pliable and sticking well, leave it! If it come off with a bit of *light* prying with the screwdriver, get it off. Then I use an 80-grit cloth-backed sandpaper (high-grade belt-sander belts are perfect) to go over the surface lightly, to knock off or sand off any other bits of glue that are ready to come off. At that point, I clean it up with a bit of solvent (laquer thinner in my case, use with care), and I'm ready to glue. No nasty, toxic goo involved.

Charles Andrews