From: "Jan Johnson" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 20:32:15 -0700
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Party at the VeloNews Tent in the Expo Areas of both races!!!!

I'll be there, glad-handing and talking up the First Annual San Francisco VeloSwap, being held at the Cow Palace on November 15th. Stop by for a brochure and pick up the latest VeloNews. I think we're having an autograph session during the T-Mobile expo - at 2:00pm Sunday, the 1972 Crescent Bicycles girl from Sweden will be signing posters, and at 2:30pm, the 1980 Klein Girl will be signing her posters. Don't miss out. One to a customer, please. - - - It was at the first San Francisco Grand Prix in 2001, while PJ and I rode our late 50s/early 60s matching celeste Bianchis and matching Bianchi wool jerseys along the course, we heard someone yell out from the crowd "Hey! Nice bikes!" We stopped to talk to the guy, who apparantly had an eye for classic bikes. It was none other than Dave Staub and he had no idea a group of vintage bicycle enthusiasts even existed in Southern California. We told him about all the cool guys like Matt, Jay, Aaron, Scott, Gino, Chuck, Greg, Brian, Sterling, and so many others who got together to show off their vintage steel and talk about the 'good ol' days' when men wore wool and rode steel.

Talking with Dave that sunny day in San Francisco and seeing him positively light up as he learned of a whole new group of friends with whom he could share his love of vintage bicycles,'s a lasting memory I'll always have of Dave. - - - Hope to see all the Northern California Vintage bicycle tifosi at the races this weekend.

Question: If afficionados of Alfa Romeo cars are referred to as 'Alfisti', would lovers of Masi bikes be called 'Masisti'???

Janissimo Johnson
Portola Valley, California USA