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There's a newer version of the 631, called the 631/2, which is the subject of this thread, and is why this thread is technically off topic. It will take smaller outer chainrings.

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Chuck wrote in reply to Peter about crank arms and front ders:

The 631/2 crank is outside the time limit, being from the mid 90s, but... The catalog mentions that it will take a 44 tooth outer ring with the shortened spider arms and also that the front derailleur adjustment is easier with 8 speed (clearance issue)...etc.

I reply: The catalogue says what? There is NO WAY the outer spider of a 631 Mavic crankset will accept a 44 tooth outer. 48 is the smallest, leaving aside the 130bcd issue, the big spider arms are in the way. Perhaps I am misunderstanding this.

I love Mavic parts and especially the 80s erector set rear derailleur which functionally was (and is) clearly inferior in operation to the later black-plated (841?) one from the 90s. Loving old parts and loving how they work are two different things for me and my prejudices lie in the latter realm.

Non-sequitor: yesterday I received the kindest note from Mr. Ernest Csuka thanking me (for the payment) for the new Singer than arrived this past month or so ago. Written on that French paper with the nice Singer graphics, it is itself something I will keep or frame. The bike, however, will get many happy miles, as it has already.

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