[CR]your mystery crank: inner ring data.

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:33:17 -0400
From: HM & SS Sachs <sachs@erols.com>
To: aphillips9@mindspring.com, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]your mystery crank: inner ring data.

Ann -
>From the Sutherland's 4th Edition, here are some data. First number is BCD, second is hole-cent-to-hole-center, which I find more useful:

Edco/Mavic inner triple: 90/52.9 Takagi Tourney: 95/55.8 Old Campy triple, with mounting bolts drilled into arms: 100/58.5 mm Avocet/Ofmega, 102/60

To me, the old Campy triples, as on the P15 Paramounts, looks like something that a decent amateur machinist could do with an indexing table and a milling machine...

If it is not the 100/58.5 circle, then it was obviously not the standard Campy unit.

harvey sachs mcLean va

debuted at Nick's ride on Sunday, which was good, cause it came in the mail on Saturday...

Anyway, its a campy triple, quite probably home made. Its a pretty good one though and has no cracks and appears to be neatly made. Its a pretty major combination though, 39-49-54. I'd like to make it a less knee busting 52-42-36 but that inner ring (which is campy but some sort of drillum) may not be a BCD commonly found. It also came with the correct, era-y Phil Wood bottom bracket.

Anyway, I like the concept, as the Monte (or at least the parts) seems to be heading in the direction of a sport touring bike.

What do you all think?

Ann Phillips, Decatur GA