Re: [CR]bottom-bracket woes

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 20:24:55 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]bottom-bracket woes

In a message dated 9/16/2003 8:18:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
> I want to install a late-ish (mid-80s maybe?) Suntour Cyclone crank on a
> bike with
> 130mm spacing. English-threaded. The problem is, I don't have the
> matching
> bb for the crank. But I figured I could substitute something. Pre-1990
> Campagnolo
> square-taper bb spindles don't work in this crank, they bottom out. I
> haven't tried a
> Shimano yet, but that's next.
> I'm avoiding getting a Phil bb since they are so expensive, but assuming I
> did get one,
> which taper do I look for? JIS? And how long should the axle be?
> So, my question is two-fold: first, what taper will work in this crank?
> and, second,
> how long should the spindle/axle be so that a double-chainring will clear
> the chain-stay?
> Thanks for any help you can provide, on list or off.

I think that uses the old style Sugino type of bottom bracket where the axle has threads on the end and the arms are held on by serrated nuts. I think something like a 125mm axle is close. Where to get? Loose Screws? LBS? Buddy with a better stash? The Suntour Sprint and Superbe Pro's have a different taper from other Suntour and supposedly can use later Campy BB's.

Pete Geurds
Douglassville, PA