Re: [CR]track cranks on left?

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Subject: Re: [CR]track cranks on left?
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 22:18:22 -0500

Ah, yes. Pino was the wild man, the eccentric, the mad genius. Like Harlan Meyers at Hi-E. Even when these creations never become mainstream, there is genius in them. I'm fortunate to have a pair of Hi-E hubs, one with the strange Hi-E "QR". The same sort of charm as the unorthodox British frame geometries or the unique little fittings on French touring bikes. Doing something different and hopefully better, but better or not, undeniably different.


Jerry Moos
Houston TX

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> Pino machined his own hubs for this. I have one. It has left-hand
> thread for the cog as well as the lockring. Fortunately I have the
> lockring. Unfortunately, I do not have a cog with left-hand threads.
> That's not a really big problem, they can be made. I don't know if
> Pino made his own cogs for this or not.
> Brad Orr
> Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
> At 09:23 PM 4/16/04 -0500, Jerry Moos wrote:
> >But Pino would have had to manufacture special hubs as well, threaded
> >opposite from those used in right-side drive systems.