Re: [CR]Difference between Cinelli Speciale Corsa and Super Corsa

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 15:55:01 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Difference between Cinelli Speciale Corsa and Super Corsa
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Looking in the Cinelli catalogs, the one from the early 1960s (no aluminum stem or bars in catalog) the bike is called "Super Corsa" in four languages captions (It., Fr., Sp, Eng.). Seat tube has the "Mod.S.C." decal. Early 1970s Cinelli catalog also calls it a "Super Corsa" in four languages captions and show "Mod.S.C." seat tube decal. Mid-1980s catalog calls it a Supercorsa (written as all one word, in four languages).

The only Cinelli catalog I have from the fifties is just bars and stems (steel).

Some of the bikes pictured have been repainted, so the question becomes were they accurately re-decaled or not?

Conclusion, catalog and bike don't match up: Catalog in 70s says Super Corsa and bike is decaled Speciale Corsa. Catalog in 80s says Supercorsa , (does bike have a model name decal?).

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, CA

"Silver, Mordecai" wrote:
> The earlier Cinellis that I've seen simply have the "Mod. S.C." decal on
> the seattube, but at least some of the later ones, from the 1970's, have
> "Speciale Corsa" spelled out in full. For examples see:
>, and
>, with more pictures at
> (the latter is Mike Short's
> bike, isn't it?).
> In the CR archives I found this interesting fact in a post (dated 23
> Nov. 2002) by Dave Martinez: "For what its worth... According to an
> early 50s German H'O'MANN catalog the Cinelli line-up is: CINELLI 'A'
> (Riviera), CINELLI 'B' (Mod. B) and CINELLI 'C' (Mod.SC)." It seems
> strange to call your top-tier frame "C" and your third-tier "A", but at
> least it leaves room in case a new top-tier model is introduced, to be
> called "D"!
> Mordecai Silver
> New York, NY