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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Campagnolo's stance on the stuff we love to abuse
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 03:56:16 +0200

Hi Wayne!

Nope!.................I have 3 different sizes of the pins! For sure the alloy pins are smaller which requires a smaller bushing, the 2 steel pins I have there is a dirfference not much but are different sizes.........But I was not able to find the 3rd bushing, In the past I've had several customers who complained about sloppy rear derailleurs and it was the use of the smaller steel pin with the single sized bushing I've rebuilt 8 or 10 rear mechs and built several brand new ones............And for sure the steel pins will not fit into the early uppers and lowers. I have customers who also knows of these differences, one is a former list member Krister Katsgonious, I think that's the way he spells his last name. And he's in need of the body parts that requirers the steel pins, this is what he is asking for. So to say there are list members whether active or non active who does know of these differences as well. But it's mostly our customers from the land of the rising sun who are very precise of their needs. They are one of my main sources for pointing out many minor differences of certain small parts to us. One of the funniest but very serious things that I am told from these customers. ''MANY DOES NOT KNOW, BUT WE DO KNOW!'' It was one of these customer who also pointed out the slight difference of Campagnolo brake adjuster post, very small but the difference was there. When rebuilding the first few rear mechs I didn't know of these small problems with the pins and bushings, in fact when rebuilding rear mechs for the first time one or 2 came out just as sloppy as the originals?? It boiled down to the bad match of pin and bushing. But then again you may have a different lot of items then from what I'm sitting on at this current moment. All of which is 100% original ''All toll and is stored away within '' 6 '' seven drawer SNAP-ON type of roll away chest, lowers and 4 drawer uppers are pretty much full.........At last count fair market value, roughly 250K! Now that's a lot of Campagnolo small parts and we're serious about our small parts. If we had the pulleys we could build up 100 NR & SR rear mechs! This is one reason why we don't have these parts as being listed. They are being held over for future of building new rear derailleurs. I checked these pins a few days ago and they are what they are....Been dealing with Campagnolo small parts for the better part of 25 years. No comments here just facts.

BTW: Has anybody noticed the differences in a NR or SR brake levers, besides the finish? In order to get a truely matching set, you need to match the the '' O '' at the bottom of of the word Campagnolo some are round and some are tall. And of course the the matching of the lower drilled holes, matching these levers can be somewhat of a headach.

Yes guys!...................By looking at the clock I'm pushing onto 4:00 am overhere! A long day and night coming to an end............So off to bed I go.

Baron C...........And the gang!!
Renaissance cycles,
Eindhoven Holland.

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> Hi all, re Baron's comments on the 2 different sizes of pivot pin rivats
> on Campagnolo SR is incorrect. Sorry Baron, but when you wrote that I
> thought you were wrong. All are 4.00mm in diameter, true there are 3
> styles.
> I suspect that the 3.50mm that you talk about maybe for something older
> and uglier.......regards wayne davidson Invers NZ.