Re: [CR]RE: Now Aluminum Cinelli Bar

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 10:30:23 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Now Aluminum Cinelli Bar
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David Bilenkey wrote:
> So the questions that follow:
> How closely did the other handle bar manufacturers follow suit?
> Is it safe to say then that any bike prior to 1963 must have had a steel
> bar?
> I have a 1965 Viking with alloy GB bars and stem, and a 1964 Legnano Gran
> Premio with Legnano branded Ambrosio Champion alloy bars and stem, so I'm
> guessing everybody jumped into making alloy bars right quick.
> Confirm or deny?

There was an aluminum bike back around the turn of the century (1900s) and there were aluminum bars and stems starting around the mid-1930s. Ambrosio aluminum bars and stem in the early 1950s in Italy, etc.
>From the Cinelli web site <>: "Others remember him (Cino Cinelli) for having given modern cycling its first aluminium handlebar." I view this as clearly a "company puff-piece" propaganda statement with no basis in fact. I remember Cinelli (the company) also claimed to have invented the leather toe strap in the early 1950s!

Chuck Schmidt Soouth Pasadena, CA