Re: [CR]A steal on ebay - Cambrio Corsa Dalcezzi sold cheap

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 06:55:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: halbike <>
Subject: Re: [CR]A steal on ebay - Cambrio Corsa Dalcezzi sold cheap
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Seems no one has mentioned ebays proxy bidding system. The high bidder may have bid 1500, we will never know. If you don't set a proper reserve- there is always the chance you will not find 2 bidders to fight it out. However, if you set a proper reserve, and there are no takers on that given day, you "live to fight again." Many times I have seen an item sell for less than I would pay but cash flow did not allow me to bid at
that very time...
-paul genaro
sidney ny

--- Chuck Schmidt wrote:

> Mark Agree wrote:

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > What confounds me, is the suspicion that the Campy

\r?\n> gears, having been sold

\r?\n> > alone might easily have gone up over $1000. Why

\r?\n> then do the high rolling

\r?\n> > bidders not attack an entire gruppo in one fell

\r?\n> swoop?


\r?\n> Looking at past auctions on eBay, Cambio Corsa (two

\r?\n> shift rods & two

\r?\n> hubs is all) doesn't go for even half that,

\r?\n> especially rusty versions.

\r?\n> I think the emerging reality is that there is more

\r?\n> of this stuff (1940s)

\r?\n> than there are buyers to fight over it.


\r?\n> The majority of the collectors I've met are looking

\r?\n> for 1970s and even

\r?\n> 1980s bikes and an old soldier from the 1940s while

\r?\n> interesting, is not

\r?\n> something they have been obsessing over trying to

\r?\n> find and possess.


\r?\n> Chuck Schmidt

\r?\n> South Pasadena, CA


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