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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:35:30 -0400
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I would try Lexol. It will darken a bit but is my choice for delicate leather. You might just try a glycerol saddle soap first as that will have even less impact.

Joe B-Z GNNJ My wife's potions for her Passier and other horse saddles are a great resource. Experiment with Effax products. A great cleaner is "Horseman's One Step".

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Subject: [CR]Treating Colored Saddles

> I just received a Campy Electra in an even-up trade with another list member
> for a mounted but never ridden Ti rail Brooks Swift.
> The Electra has a plastic base but has a thick leather cover - much thicker
> than a leather covered Cinelli. The instructions say to use saddle
> treatment on the leather cover, but this saddle is an Oxblood red, and I'm
> afraid Proofhide will discolor it. Seems that Proofhide gradually turns
> honey Brooks' brown and brown Brooks' almost black. Can anyone recommend a
> treatment that won't discolor colored leather saddles? There are some
> recent Brooks saddles in "British Racing Green". Anyone found a good
> treatment for these?


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