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Subject: Re: [CR]Cinelli Unicanitor saddle
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 13:49:03 +0200

WOW!......................$ 240.- now that's what I call giving it to you!

Funny thing happened when finding about 50 or 60, # 2 saddles. there was a double row of up right rim boxes lined against a wall and it was roughly 20 long stacked 2 and 3 high! All toll about a hundred boxes. This was and still is old stocks stuffed away in a basement! BUT I ALREADY HAVE CHECKED THROUGH MOST OF THEM AND THERE IS NOTHING JUICEY THERE ANYMORE! SO DON'T ASK!.................Ok! From the chicken scratch on the box, this one looks promissing. Pull out the box knife cut into this box stick my hand inside and ''HEY!'' it's empty?!?!? OK make the hole bigger! I climb part way into the box and felt something on the bottom! Pulled it out and a # 2 comes out! Right on!..................I'm pulling them out 2 and 3 at a time!...........When getting to the bottom I went deeper into the box! LONG AND BEHOLD THE BOX COLLASPE ON ME WITH ALL OF THE SUROUNDING BOXES FALLING ON TOP OF ME AS WELL! Well this was great! I'm stuck and yelling for help! No one came because I was the only one in the warehouse, everyone left for lunch. Yes!..............I get free run of this place, and I did manage to get out. Just so happens the boxe on top was filled with Regina freewheels. Loaded them up and off the the counters! Hey! Where did you find that?...................In the basement of course. They were had for a cool $ 4.- a pop!...Hey! Our mark-ups are due to HAZARDOUS WORK! Trying to get to this place there's a stretch that we call DEAD MANS ALLEY! We will always run across cars passing trucks coming from the other side! Many time pushing us into the emergency lane! I've also seen cars going head on with ''BIG RIGGS!'',..................not a pretty sight. And for sure on our leg home, we want to clear this section before dark.......A part of the job!

Baron C.................And th gang!!
Renaissance cycles,
Eindhoven Holland.

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> I recently inquired about the possibility of buying one of these saddles and
> indeed they are available at $240. Now thats painful! Bought a Rolls.
> Roman Stankus
> Atlanta, Ga.
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> > Raoul Delmare wrote:
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> > > And then they were gone .
> >
> > Euro Asia Imports, Inc. (wholesale to shops only) Ordered a ton of them
> > from Cinelli about five years ago (new ones made in the original style
> > from the 1960s and 1970s plus the L) and I'm sure they still have plenty.
> >
> > Chuck Schmidt
> > South Pasadena, CA
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