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To be clear, "bucket of bolts" was my friend's description. The idea is interesting. Honda, of all people, made a pretty neat scooter with a chain working in the back-and-forth mode about the same time called the "kick and go." Those were fun and built well, very well. The Alenax was not a bad example of quality compared to other Taiwan machines in the $200 range. (did I say quality and $200 range in the same sentence?!?, kinda like the word 'bicycle' and Huffy in the same sentence- nonsense!!)

I'd trade an Alenax for a kick n go any day.

Forgot to mention, the Bliude-a-Cycle is from '36 and very Indian- or Harley-esque in style, so it runs almost as outside the CR genre as the scooter, but this late, the moderators are probably catching up on their beauty rest, teehee. but I'll still give my location and not list items without prices to at least obey some of the rules.

Larry Black
Mt airy, Md.