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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:12:41 -0800
From: "Dennis Young" <mail@woodworkingboy.com>
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Subject: [CR]'Greasers'

I think everyone agrees that the 'original' mocha ice cream colored Campy grease was a good grease, but I don't like that semi-transparent gel like goop that they later marketed for awhile. Before it tended to turn watery, it seemed excellent for attracting dirt. Just because I have it, I use it on head sets, but this always entails having to wipe the grundge away when cleaning the bikes. I'm still wondering what it was about, and up on the shelf is a old batch of it, still 7/8 full. They offered lousy grease with poor longevity, and then they came out with 'use and throw away' unserviceable bottom brackets. Brilliant! Nice looking can though!

No intention to rehash the grease thread, but the WTB grease guard white grease (I think teflon content) has given me good results, especially for hubs. Good injector too! Available at some bike shops, and it's a little more expensive compared to others.

Dennis Young usually a grease rag in my back pocket in Hotaka, Japan

> The best grease I ever had was Barient winch lube. NL Available. Now I'm
> using a blue grease from West Marine called Corrosion Block. It's great! You
> don't want something too stiff. Stop and think about how many times a season,
> pro team mechanics change the Campy grease in the team bikes. Campy grease,
> though good, was never intended to last for years.
> Stevan Thomas