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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:48:29 -0500

I think old dogs can learn new tricks. But to me one there are a couple of key tricks.

1) Pick your rides carefully - at least until you figure out your abilities.

2) Pick your speeds carefully as well. You are likely to be able to keep up with faster riders for several miles. But in the end, that single gear is most likely going to limit you. While they freewheel down small hills, you'll be working. While the spin up a step section, you'll be counting on momentum and torque. And you might find yourself in pain and feeling beat (by the others). But if you set out for a ride paced at what you feel like doing, I think you will might find it very rewarding.

Other observations:

3) 30 miles no problem. 60 miles was fun. 100 miles was about the most painful thing I have ever done. Mostly because you can't just coast and stretch. So find out what distances work for you.

4) I really think you can injure knee if not a bit wise. I would torque up steep inclines, and definitely stretched a ligament more than I should have. I would recommend limiting the torque to what you would do on a multi speed bike (this means you might have to walk up the steepest of steeps).

5) I have a cheap "real" trackbike that I like. Front brake (cause it was easy to remove when I was going on the track). 47 or 49 tooth front chainring (stronglight, non track I think). And I use a large rear sproket, something like 17 teeth. Gives me my comfortable spin rate at about 18 - 20 mph, for solo riding. On most down hills I limit my speed with a bit of reverse torque. I try my best to not use the brake except on steep declines or when I have to (ie, traffic). I never tried to skid the rear wheel as am told can be done.

6) I love the look of the track bend bar (SR). But I find it a bit uncomfy on the road. The normal grip on the curve above the brake is not as easy for me to grab. But I love the look too much to change it.

7) I had a standard size chain/cog and it was very rattly. I now have the track pitch chain cog and it is great.

Oh, my track bike was bought in the early 90's and is an ORBIT with reynolds 500. I really like it, but never hear anything about Reynolds 500. I think it is a straight guage version of 501, any one know? I consider it a custom track bike because when the shop ordered it, they asked him to ask me what color I wanted, they would paint it however I wanted. Not bad for a complete bike for $400.

Thats all I can think of Dan Kasha Providence RI
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> Date: 2003/01/21 Tue AM 10:52:25 EST
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> Subject: [CR]fixed gear stories
> Greetings
> I have been thinking about a Zeus I am restoring. Once I put the paint on I
> really hate the idea of clamping on the Der. guides and brake clips so I
> have been thinking of making it into a fixed gear.
> I have no experience with fixed gears other than my Schwinn Airdyne. So I
> checked out Sheldon Brown's web site.
> I would be interested in comments on starting and stopping.
> Also what combo pedals and crank arm lengths are popular with you fixies?
> And can an old dog (43) learn new tricks?
> Howard Darr
> Clymer PA