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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 14:52:03 -0500
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I sent the same seller a note about this auction for an ALAN:

Letting him know that the brakes were in fact Campag Gran Sport. His reply was fine:

"I have had such a bad time with this project. You can not begin to imagine. We are closing an entire bike shop that was open 20 years and listing it on ebay. Its a nightmare. I will look at the pics so i can tell the differnce. Its Been Hell.

Pop over to here to see what we as a company are up against. the silver pile of parts are all campy . This is a small sample of the shop.

Oh and I really appreciate the info on the brakes."

Looking at the pics in the directory he'd pointed me to, it's pretty evident he's not a bike guy. But I still wouldn't touch anything from him. Not to mention shipping to the Great White North would be expensive.

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> The minute I read things like the following from his auction text
> 1986667734>
> I run!
> "Who may not bid? Anyone we feel will be a problem will not be alowed to
> bid. If we do not like your tie we will cancel your bid as well as block
> you. If you have bad refernces or bid retractions figure you are wasting
> your time bidding on our products.
> Warning do not place a bid and think you will go back and close it later
> or better yet decided I should have bid higher. If for any reason we
> feel someone may have a sniper bid on the item we can and will close the
> auction early so the sniper does not win the bid. This is done at random."
> Amazing the things you can learn about a seller from reading _between_
> the lines!
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California