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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 12:47:41 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]San diego meeting

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> Dale wrote,
> "Hey Dave and everyone else..
> Thus far we have maybe five people saying they are coming!
> I KNOW more than that are intending to be there. PLEASE speak up if you are
> attending! (So we have adequate reservations made)"
> Roger Wilco
> Confirming for 6:30 ish arrival time.
> Earlier if I ride down before dark, 6:30 if I take the Coaster commuter
> train.
> Craig Fenstermaker
> Carlsbad, CA
> sometimes So. Cal. Can be quite a joy
> I was spinning the 55 X 13, (650C bike), on the way back from an inland
> Sunday ride and enjoying those
> Santa Ana winds, heading out wasn't quite as much
> fun............................................................

please talk about the ridingonly to those who can take advantage of shuch winds!!Or to thos who havbe temps above 50 (or even 20) we have below zero windchills stansding still and farther down while awheel. Of course that will change in 19 hours when I join you out there. In addition to the bike I'm borrowing, copuld anyone bring a set of legs?

I just got a visit from Martin Needleman of Annapolis who entrusted me with his airlite hubs. double-track-threaded,and some of the most gleaming SC 58's I've seen.

These will be a pleasure to build. 40/32 Were those what yuou were trying to find, Dan Artley?

Larry Black
Mt Airy, Md