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> I sure didn't know that Schwinn ever did anything like building a rear rack
> into the frame. Can this really be a Paramount? 23" frame. Lou Deeter,
> Orlando FL

Hello Lou ,

Raoul Delmare here , writing from Marysville Kansas .

I just sent this message to the seller of that bicycle , and also to a friend of mine who had written to the seller , and forwarded the seller's response , over to me .

Here's the correspondence :

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Hello ,

Raoul Delmare here ,

I'm a nut about Schwinn Paramounts .

So , that really is a genuine Schwinn Paramount frame , which has been heavily re-worked , by an unknown custom frame builder , probably right around 1978 , with the added custom rear rack , added fittings for two water bottle cages , added cantilever brakes , and with the rear slightly widened for the 6-speed freewheel ( originally it would have had a 5-speed freewheel ) .

The serial number , G7016 , can be de-coded into , July - 1970 - the 16th Paramount frame set made during that month . So , we know that it was made early in the month , probably during the first week .

From looking at the photographs , I was thinking that this was one of the unusual Paramounts , with the full set of Prugnat lugs as well as the Prugnat bottom bracket shell .

This serial number agrees perfectly with the use of those lugs .

For a long time , before this , the Paramounts used a full set of Nervex Professional lugs and Nervex Professional bottom bracket shell .

For a long time , after this , the Paramounts used the Nervex Professional lugs , with the Prugnat bottom bracket shell .

But for a very brief period of time , right around 1970 , Schwinn Paramounts used the full set of Prugnat lugs and Prugnat bottom bracket shell .

So , it's a 23-inch , Schwinn Paramount , made in early July of 1970 .

Can't honestly say whether it was originally a model P13 Deluxe Paramount Road Racer ( all of the Paramount Road Racers from that era were 10-speeds ) , or a model P15 Deluxe Paramount Touring 15-speed .

Looking at the photograph in the 1970 Schwinn consumer catalog , frames of those two models seem identical . In later years , it would be easy to spot the differences between the Road Racer , and the Touring . But , until 1972 , the frames were identical ( as far as I know ) .

Of course , for a small fee , you can have Richard Schwinn , at Waterford Precision Cycles , look up your serial number , and send you a written sheet of information . The usual information lists the particular model , the original color , the dealership to which it was originally sent , etc . Sometimes he can even tell you the name of the original owner .

One very interesting thing about 1970 , it was the year of Schwinn's 75th Anniversary .

The model they chose to commemorate Schwinn's 75th Anniversary was the P15 Deluxe Paramount Touring 15-Speed . So , although there wasn't anything special painted on the bicycles themselves , those 1970 Deluxe Touring Paramounts , are technically known as , " The Diamond Jubilee Schwinn " .

Best Of Luck ,
Cheers ,

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the front head badge is round with two tiny screws on either side, has thed red circle with a raised schwinn cross in the middle and theres an outer circle that says SCHWINN PARAMOUNT...the serial # is G7016 - todd