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Subject: [CR]Re: : Suntour Cyclone Shift Levers Attachment
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 12:53:13 -0500

Dear list members:

Happy new year.

My feeling based on limited anecdotal evidence is that the shifters are superior to the usual bolt on shifters because they better distribute the clamp on stress. Specifically, Ward Horner's Woodrup racing bicycle cracked just above where his clamp on Campagnolo downtube shifters were placed. Maybe Woodrup used too hot a torch but more likely the Campagnolo clamp on shifter was over tightened and caused a stress problem. The Woodrup was never in a front end accident.

Sun tour endless clamp distributes the stress more evenly I believe. Engineers on the list please take me to task.

Further, the Campagnolo clamp on shifter can fracture at the band after repeated removals and installations if the band is not spread and opened carefully. This is not an issue with the sun tour.

Finally, I believe the SunTour has a larger barrel and consequently wraps more cable with less lever movement which may cause quicker shifting.

Thomas Witkop Rockville, Maryland

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