Re: [CR]Cycling after a brainstem stroke. Charlie in Brooklyn, NY

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Subject: Re: [CR]Cycling after a brainstem stroke. Charlie in Brooklyn, NY
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 23:31:53 -0500

Hey Charlie, You talk'n @ Marine Park? A good old Raleigh(or Royal Scot, Robin Hood etc.) 3 speed might be just the ticket to start off with. Cheap, pretty, not too hard to find. Just to get your feet wet. Try Emey's Bike shop on 17th and list member Dave Perry at his shop; Bike Works in Manhattan. Also check in Bklyn: Roy's Sheepshead Cycles and R and A on Park Place. Once your confidence is up, drive over to Prospect Park.My home away from home. At @ 10 am to noon on a weekdays and Sundays find a guy named Sammy Zeitlen (# in the book). Former national silver medallist in the match sprint to Jack Disney, he recovered from multiple by-pass surgery 5 years ago.Hauls ass. Always good for on the $ advise. Say "hi" to all of them for me. Let me know how it goes.

enjoy and be well,
John Pergolizzi
Gravesend, Brooklyn
Winter in LaJolla, Ca.

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Subject: [CR]Cycling after a brainstem stroke. Charlie in Brooklyn, NY

> Hello to all: I'm recovering from a brainstem stroke and my doctors say that
> I have more than enough balance to cycle again, but away from all traffic.
> There's a one mile cement oval in a park about 20 minutes from home and I
> could put a bike in the trunk and drive to the park for an hours' worth of
> exercise. Have any of you had a stroke and resumed cycling? What problems did
> you incur?
> What sort of "affordable" classic or new bike would you recommend that has
> very stable and predictable steering? I'm leaning more towards a ladies step
> through frame. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Charlie