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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Goodies For Sale
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 09:35:05 -0500

More cleaning of my basement and sorting out parts to keep and parts I'm unlikely to need. As usual, first come first served; shipping is extra (probably $3.50 - 6.00 most items) plus insurance if desired; pictures can be taken if required. Happy to answer questions on this very quiet and snowy Saturday.

1.. Pumps. Lot of 7 NOS pumps. (1) Silca Imperio frame fit, white, 18" uncompressed, 16" compressed; (1) Silca Imperio frame fit, white, 17" uncompressed, 15" compressed, missing lower aluminum handle and pump head; . (1) Silca Imperio frame fit, yellow, 21.5" uncompressed, 19.5" compressed; (1) Silca Imperio frame fit, yellow, 22.5" uncompressed, 20.5" compressed, missing pump head; (1) Silca Imperio frame fit, black, 24" uncompressed,
   22" compressed; (1) Rhode Gear AP-120, black, about 23" uncompressed, 21" compressed; (1) mt. zefal, mid-blue, 16.5" uncompressed, 15.5" compressed. Some mint, some excellent, white ones have darkened with age and show shop wear (use "soft scrub" and they'll improve dramatically). All for $50.
    2.. Simplex seatposts. Lot of 3, used. First one is 26.4, early style all steel, excellent chrome, no badge; second one has been cut down and is only 2.75" long (really!), has all hardware in average condition, has badge in poor condition; 3rd one is 26.6, steel post, aluminum head (~1975), excellent chrome on post and hardware, mint badge, hairline crack in base of aluminum cap. All for $100.
    3.. Christophe Special (large) old logo toe clip set, used, good condition with some scrapes on top and slight peppering of chrome, will clean up nicely. $10.
    4.. Christophe Special (large) newer logo toe clip set, very good with just some scraping of chrome on tops. $5.
    5.. Christophe old logo toe clip set, used, medium, very good condition with some scraping of chrome on top, no peppering of chrome. $15.
    6.. Simplex Prestige front derailleur, NOS, no cage. $20.
    7.. Simplex Criterium rear derailleur, used, excellent+, the best used one I've ever seen, dated 3 72 (March 1972). $65.
    8.. Simplex derailleur cable guide, NOS. $15 or free with purchase of both derailleurs listed above.
    9.. MM Atom/Maillard skewer set, used, front is near mint, rear has some peppering of chrome and a scrape on plastic tip. $25.
    10.. Maillard/Spidel front skewer, early style with plastic tip, used, excellent+. $15.
    11.. Maillard 700 Team Issue high flange hubset with Cyclo Competition freewheel (in situ). This is mid 70's, from a demo bike, 36/36h, Simplex metal and plastic skewers, overall near mint but shop wear on the hub labels. Freewheel is 14/21, gold body. This a super looking set-up. You remove freewheel though. $100.
    12.. Ideale 90 chrome railed saddle. Rear badge is excellent, leather is very good+, embossing on sides is rubbed off, brown, wonderful rivets with "Ideale" stamped in each head. $60.
    13.. Wrights W3N saddle, not new but no signs of use - take off maybe?, excellent condition, date stamped B73 (1973), chrome rails. I believe this is the same as a Brooks B17 narrow with pebbled top. $35.
    14.. Campagnolo Nuovo Record all chrome pedal with toe strap hoop. Used, left side only (S), metal cap has no scrapes, chrome has almost no pits and a few scrapes, smooth. $25.
    15.. Campagnolo NR shift lever set, used, clamp on, early style with cable guides, some pitting and loss of chrome. $15.
    16.. Zues under saddle spare tire holders, NOS boxed. In my opinion the best quality of all that were made to this style. $10 (2 available).
    17.. Suntour Cyclone front derailleur, used, very good to excellent. $15.
    18.. Water bottle and cage. NOS in package, TA style imitation, chrome cage with white top. White bottle with 2 small blue & red bands/stripes and 2 red tops (one sprinkle top and one pull/push drink top. $10.
    19.. "The custom Bicycle" by Kolin and Derosa. Must have book, excellent condition. $12.
    20.. "Upgrading Your Bike" by legendary Frank Berto, 1988 but covers Campagnolo NR/SR and most everything from early 80's. Very informative with many charts, comparisons, objective and subject advice, etc. Also a must have book. $10.
    21.. "The Complete Book of Bicycling" by Eugene Sloane, new, soft cover, 4th edition 1988. Classic book. $8.
    22.. "BICYCLING!" magazines. 4 in total but one set of duplicates. (1) 3/76 xlnt cond., (1) 8/76 good condition, cover has flaws, (2) 5/77 one in excellent cond. And one in good condition. All for $10. Eric Elman Somers, CT 12" snow since yesterday afternoon