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Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 09:09:30 -0600

Who mentioned Dae Yung tires first ? Thanks to all who did . I'd completely forgotten that one !! Still makes me smile .

Like when somebody at General Motors finally figured out why the Chevrolet Nova was not the best name for a car sent to Mexico . No Va = No Go . Wonderful name for a car , "Won't Go" !!

But the instructions included with bicycle components , which were painstakingly translated , one word at a time , are always the best . I sincerely appreciate somebody's long efforts . But , I just have to laugh all the same . I hope that somebody has gotten a chuckle or two out of MY attempts to translate something into languages other than English . As far as my abilities are concerned , mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht . And everything else is worse .

I've seen funny ones from Europe , Asia , and South America .

Mark ,

That one about the , "The Dae Yung Super Hi-Racer Tire" is an absolute classic !
> Safety is 100%, as your expect!

I've tried to explain to non-bicycle people what it was like to finish installing some new part , perform the final adjustments , and then sit down to read the instructions for a good chuckle or two .

The best instructions always seemed to be something like ,

Now is the time of performing the insert part "A" into the nearness of part "5" until perfection is reached . Careful of smoothness . Now you will find satisfied .

Many of them seemed to be rather R-rated , in some subtle way . . .

Happy Ought Three ! ,
Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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From: Mark Bulgier
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> At the shop I spent many teen hours in, Motobecanes were Butterpecans. A
> bit less charmingly, Gitane was Sh*t-On. Apologies in general but
> especially if these have been mentioned already.
> Someone mentioned Dae Yung. They had an ad that I will try to recite from
> memory (hey everyone needs a hobby right?):
> The Dae Yung Super Hi-Racer Tire
> Tread is according to mechanics principals to design.
> Its character are: smoothly on moving when go straight,
> and strongest grasping when turn the corner.
> Safety is 100%, as your expect!
> Other old favorites include the tagline
> "What's matter! Why thread come shortage! Is special design
> by <I forget the name> does so!"
> and the bottom bracket advertised as
> "The Wonderfull More Than You Can Believe It!"
> Mark "my Chinese isn't very good either" Bulgier

> Seattle, Wa