[CR]Kiwiwayne's Japanese BICYCLE PARTS for sale.

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From: "Wayne Davidson" <wayne.collect@xtra.co.nz>
To: "CR BIKE LIST" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Kiwiwayne's Japanese BICYCLE PARTS for sale.
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 03 15:45:58 +1300

Hi all, I am having a little cleanout, I am selling the following japanese parts. I think I have pix for most items.....regards wayne davidson...
>>BRAKES. BR1001. Dia Compe NGC450 centrepull silver, 45-57mm reach shafts have been shortened to accept recessed nuts, comes with non original nuts. NOS. $25.00 BR1007. Suntour Superbe Pro caliper set short reach, both missing QR. SH. $20.00
>>CHAINRINGS. CR1003. Sugino 75 44T. SH. $5.00 CR1004. Suntour superbe pro 39T 130mm PCD. SH. $5.00 CR1005. Sugino 271 38T 130mm PCD. SH. $5.00
>>CRANKSET. CS1003. SR 175mm road crankset. Has been beadblasted and cleaned up a little, needs finishing. 144mm BCD. SH. $10.00
>>CRANKARM BOLTS. CT1007. Shimano one key release Pair. SH. $2.00 CT1009. Sugino chrome. NOS Pr. $2.00 CT1010. Sugino chrome. NOS. $1.00
>>FRONT DERAILEUR. FD1003. Suntour Cyclone clamp type. Has modified top arm cable clamp good for parts. SH. $5.00 FD1004. Suntour Superbe clamp type. Has non org cable clamp bolt, Boxed. SH. $5.00 FD1006. Suntour Superbe modern braze on. Has rusty bolts and worn cage on the inside. SH. $5.00 FD1007. Suntour Superbe pro clamp type 28.6mm. SH. $10.00
>>REAR DERAILEUR HARDWARE. DP1026. Suntour chrome plate allen headed mounting bolt. SH. $1.00
>>REAR DERAILEUR PULLEYS. RP1003. Suntour, just the 2 grey pullies. SH. $1.00
>>DERAILEUR LEVERS. GL1027. Suntour modern. BO. NOS. $4.00 GL1028. Suntour Symmetric. SH missing clamp. $2.00
>>FREEWHEEL. FW1001. Suntour AG 7 speed. 13-14-15-16-17-18-19. SH. $10.00 FW1002. Suntour AG 6 speed. 17-18-19-20-21-23. SH. $8.00 FW1003. Suntour Ultra 7 12-13-14-15-16-17-21. SH. $10.00
>>HEADSET. HS1002. Tange Levin FR (campagnolo NR copy). NOS Boxed. $29.00
>>HUBS. HB1005. Suntour Superbe pro rear 32 hole no q/r. 126mm. SH. $10.00 HB1006. Suntour Superbe pro rear 36 hole no q/r. 126mm. SH. $10.00 HB1007. Suntour Superbe pro front 36 hole no q/r. SH. $10.00 HB1008. Sansin sealed bearing rear 28 hole w/qr 126mm ENGLISH THREADING. SH. $8.00
>>HUB HARDWARE. HH1008. Suntour Superbe cones. NOS Pr. $5.00 HH1009. Suntour Superbe cones. NOS Pr. $5.00
>>HUB Q/R. QR1001. Azzurro steel rear with axle. SH. $2.00 QR1023. Sunshine front with axle. SH. $2.00 QR1024. Sunshine rear with axle. SH. $2.00 QR1025. Sunshine rear with front axle. SH. $2.00
>>SEAT BINDER BOLT. SB1005. Sugino steel tang filed off. NOS. $1.00

wayne davidson
New Zealand.