[CR]BVVW Dec. meeting report,very late

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Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 23:05:56 -0500
Subject: [CR]BVVW Dec. meeting report,very late

To help intice any members to come to tommarows meeting:

Date Dec 7, 2002

Emey's bike shop

Time 4:00 PM

Attendance: the usually cast: John the despot, Norm(Nino), Bill, Frejus John, Allen of bike classics and his son Ben, Michael Allison,Mikie Lebron, Allen, Carlos the photographer, Rich.

John and I were already at Emey's bike shop. I had taken my old Medici to give a dissertation of Medici, as soon as I walked through the door I was asked about the obvious accident to the front end. A few minutes later the discussion turned to the method of fixing the front fork, Emey's method of technology( bang reversed fork w/ wheel on sidewalk) or John's way of old fashioned brut strength (bike in doorway,pedal on the otherside of the doorway. And PULL). I opted for the doorway method. Emey offered the doorway and some rags for John to use so as not to hurt his hands (poor dear). We took a quick measurement of the length of the bike and at the end of the tug we (John) stretched the bike about an inch (would the girls love that!).

The meeting started around five, with a discussion on the Medici brand and ties to Masi and Confente. The Holy Triad? The troops agreed: a resounding success. I do want to thank John for feeding me the information about the early years and Norm for the flyer from the 1984 catalog.

We then had a raffle for an old time compressed air bike pump donated by John. Norm won the pump and Emey was again compensated for the use of his shop and time. Thanks again Emey.

We then took our monthly visit to Johns Pizzeria and a good time was had by all especially by Frejus John who attempted to getthe phone number of some out of town babe (Louisiana).
>From the pizzaria, we traveled to a local café and had an interesting conversation on the merits of thin verse thick tires with new member Alan Shaffer of Bicycle Classics.. Let us know if you feel that thin is better or is thicker better? Finally, the meeting was over around 1:00, so I guess a good time was definitely had by all.

The effects of late night coffee: Bill had residual nightmare from the round of coffee down the road, it seem that Bill, John ,and I save the world from a mechanical Godzilla using tire irons and crowbars. When the deed was done, we got on our bikes and road into the sunset.

We all went out for pizza and beer and coke. Thus, the meeting was a success.

Richard Levin