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David, Has anyone given you info yet? I have a copy of a 1974 Peugeot catalog, courtesy of Eric Elman. The racing bikes start at the P10 "A real racing 10 speed bicycle at a very low price"

Then the PA10E "luxury 10 speed racing bike at low cost with handling characteristics of a semi pro model"

Spec's are Peugeot lightweight tubing. Chrome front fork. Simplex Prestige front derailleur, Criterium rear. Stronglight steel cranks (52x45) 14-21 freewheel. Normandy hf hubs. Tubulars. Ideal 80 leather saddle. Alloy bar. Mafac racers. Lyotrad 36bis pedals. 25lbs complete. IT has no braze ons, and uses cable clips everywhere (except the rear derailuer housing stop on rear chainstay). I think the lugs are the same as on the P10, and are listed there as bocama.

After the PA came the PR (what I have) with 3 main tubes 531DB and aloy cranks. Then came the PX's with full 531DB.

I suspect the value could be anywhere from $100 in mediocre shape to $1000's if someone out there was trying to collect the full peugeot catalog lineup:)

If it is in good shape, I bet it is a nice bike. I don't think many were ever sold in the states - you don't see em here.

Hope this helps, and if you want a scan of the page, let me know.
Dan Kasha
Providence RI

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In 1972 in france a freind of mine bought a Peugeot pa 10 L. Can anyone give me some info on these bikes and approximate value? Thanks. /dlh. -- David Hallam in Queanbeyan Australia Powered by Debian GNU/Linux 2.7 by Libranet -- "This is 'Linux Country' On a quiet night, you can hear WINDOZE! systems rebooting!!!..."