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"I looked in the archives and couldn't believe this hadn't been beat to death in the past as it is a real challenge to many of us. Simply put, my question is how can a person who seems terrible at it improve their repairs of paint chips?"

Mark sez:

This is one of my few areas of competence with bikes (Well yes, I have a few redeeming talents).First Testors sells paint sticks. They are like magic markers (get enamel only not the acrylic). These give a very flat application as you would expect- but limited color selection.I had luck matching the cable guides on my yellow Masi with one. Otherwise McCormick Paints rules! If near you they are great and worth a trip IMHO. They will hand match perfectly in their very rust resistant very hard enamel-great stuff! Only $4 a pint, custom matched,two years ago and it keeps in the can over 2 years. I can attest to at least a 2 year shelf life unused in the can from experience -probably longer.. Used mine on my offwhite (hard color but they matched exactly) old 90 Buick Century (geiser car, but bike isn't-I've got my priorities straight)once. The paint is still good and the rust spots haven't returned- even in those difficult areas near the door bottoms. I doubt you would be able to point out my paint repairs very easily, even upon fairly close inspection. A guy at the McCormick store said he used it on his very rusty utility trailer . Didn't bother with primer. Trailer was always stored outdoors, even after a couple of years the rust never returned. (They won't acknowledge this high level of rust protection officially.They just state that it retards rust)

Here are some procedures I noted:

Touchup- says Testors (Yes, I called them for advice) : Used their yellow marker enamel, sand very fine, dry 2 days, clearcoat with their 1161X (that's the clearcoat name), 2days dry, then turtle wax (slight abrasive content in the wax to level?).

Note: Some bike manufactures used to recommend Testors especially for Touching up Imron Paint. In the hobby store next to Testors you will often find differently labeled bottles. No indication on the bottle that they are made by Testors but often they are-just ask-It's the same stuff, just different label. BTW Cannondale sells touchup paint in a variety of colors-maybe you could find a lucky match.I know they have yellows.

Local bike store expert said":_isolate chip with tape and hole punch. Use marker several thin coats, sand with 1600 grit, clearcoat with acrylic clearcoat nail polish(acrylic gets harder than original bikes clearcoat said he), sand with 1600, reapply (Branford Bikes sells a clearcoat touchup.I don't personally trust nailpolish. Just not convinced it will last after talking with the ladies in the nail shops about my intented use. Others swear by it)

Sites on the net describing how to do paint touchups for cars provide much help, but some are just too painstaking for me...

Now here's something promising I have been meaning to try-intended for cars but why not for us.

Anyone tried this stuff yet?:

Best Wishes, Mark Cutrufelli Laurel,MD

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I am very unhappy with the results I have achieved so far. Surely with all the great painters out there, there must be some tips they can give a klutz like me. I'd also like to know how to (or even whether I ought to) clear coat over them when done. Please remember you will not be talking to a very knowledgeable person when responding...Thanks so much for your patience and generosity. Tom Sanders Lansing, Mi


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