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Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 21:26:50 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Brakeset authenticity?

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<< I for one am not a purist. I build my bicycles to ride, not to show or look at. While I have no problem with someone who wants the authenticity down to the cables and tires, that is their preference, not mine. If NR brakes or any other part will work and I have it in stock, then it will surely find its way onto any of my bikes. >> I'm generally with Lou on this. I'm making an exception on my Frejus TDF and using (at least for starters) Universal sidepulls with a more modern pad. For something I ride more, like my Bianchi Competizione that probably barely predates Campagnolo brake availability, and requires the standard "long"reach brakes with a drop bolt for the rear, here's is a story to illustrate why they're on the bike: When I bought my first set of Campy brakes about 1972 or so, they cost me $55, just about a whole week's wages in a bike shop. I'd been riding Universal side pulls, Universal center pulls, Mafacs, all in an effort to get decent braking. I put the Campys on and couldn't believe the difference! Not only were the levers comfortable to use as a grip and reachable, (low score for the Mafac levers on both counts), the brakes were WAAAAAYY better! Yaahhooooo, down hills! And that was before we discovered the crummy pads that would pick up pieces of Fiamme and go "scrrrrrrr", meaning a stop to dig the metal out of the pad before continuing the descent. Those might have been on the bike I raced Nevada City on, I don't recall, but why would I leave inferior brakes on my race bike, at the time an antiquated Bianchi Specialissima that definitely predated the brakes? Universal brakes were $15 or $20, Campys were $55. I changed them because they worked better, were easier to set up didn't involve the headset! And then.....came along Modolo sinterized brake pads! Another quantum leap. IMO, better than ANYTHING then available. Kind of ate the rims, especially in the rain, but you can't have everything... The next improvement I noticed that was as drastic in comparison as the intro of NR calipers was when I bought my first set of Campy monoplanar Chorus brakes. They put the older NR and SR brakes to shame! The levers weren't quite as comfy, but the brakes! Awesome, particularly with the Modolo pads. Never tried the OT dual pivot stuff.
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA