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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 11:53:15 -0500
From: "Bill Howard" <whoward1@rochester.rr.com>
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I'm very familiar with this bike. My first good bike was a Fuji Newest purchased in 1973 at Sherpa Sports in Aspen, CO from Jasjit Grewal, father of Alexi, Rishi, et. al. (he's another long and strange story).

The frame was exactly as described but the components were Suntour V deraileurs, Sugino crank (not drilled), ratchet downtube shifters, Sunshine hubs, Dia Compe centerpulls, I don't remember much of the rest but it was Japanese tubular rims (Ukai?), Cinelli copy seat and Campy copy seatpost, Cinelli copy bar, I think the stem may not have had a recessed bolt, the seatpost binder was certainly not recessed.

Still one of the prettiest bikes I've seen. I guess they had a reputation for broken frames though; there was a discussion about that on the iBOB list a while ago.

I loved that bike and rode it many miles. It was eventually sold to buy a Della Santa that actually fit.


Bill H.

>> Fuji Racer "The Newest." serial number K7H02077. Any way to confirm
>> build
>> date? Incredible bike that I think was Fuji's first serious entry
>> into the
>> States. This was their top model. I have an original brochure
>> somewhere
>> and will eventually compare this bike to the brochure specs. Silver
>> with
>> reddish orange seat tube panel. VERY long point top headlug. Head
>> and seat
>> lugs have holes drilled in them going consecutively smaller. Both
>> headlugs
>> are chromed as is the seat stay caps and chromed front and rear socks.
>> Sunshine large flange hubs, Suntour Cyclone derailleurs and ratchet
>> shifters
>> on DT. Pearl stem and neat Sakae handle bar with small holes drilled
>> around
>> the outside edge of the center reinforcing sleeve. Dura Ace
>> sidepull first
>> gen brakes. Wonderful frame details and craftsmanship.
> Hi Eric,
> I have a very similar bike. Decals are same color as yours, but says
> "Fuji Racer", no mention of Newest. Its beautiful. Did you notice the
> fully chromed frame under the paint? I always figured it was vintage
> 1975-8, somewhere in there. Mine has first gen Suntour Superbe
> shifters, deraillers, stem, and brakes. Sugino drilled cranks,
> beautifully finished. I rode it to the Larz bike show in Boston this
> summer, and many folks commented on the bike - some said they had had
> one themselves in the 70's. My bike serial # is K9E10027. Mine has a
> name - The Pride of Japan.
> Anyone out there wants to see pics, just LMK.
> -Dan Borden in Brookline, MA