[CR]Don't Bogart that pump

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Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 18:24:32 +0900
From: Dennis Young <mail@woodworkingboy.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Don't Bogart that pump


Did you specify to your physician that by "bikefest", you meant the pedaling variety? She probably thinks it is a gathering of bikers with their mamas partying all night long, not the considerably more sedate and highly reserved classical bicycle enthusiasts that drink little, certainly don't smoke, and go to bed early after polishing the days's means of transportation.

Get well soon.

Dennis Young Hotaka, Japan

> Sorry CHUCK but I will have to beg out of appearing at VR for
> 03,my CARDIOLOGIST after saying it was OK has now recommended against
> it.Seems she thought it was just a quiet weekend away,today when we were
> talking and she found out it was a full blown"BIKEFEST" even though I
> promised to leave my bike riding sandals and TOGA at home, she said it
> might be to much for the ticker and then further elaborated that thats
> why she had said "NO SEX"(dont remember that part at ALL)
> So there you have it,I must really be a BIKE WEENIE if my
> doctor thinks I am going to drop after seeing a couple of old MASIs, So
> you all have a good time but dont tip off the PASADENA COPs that I'll be
> there next year.