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We have the one road model which was $100 and have been offered a bunch of them at different time for $100-$200 each including some boxed ones.

They are pretty neat to ride and you can actually gather a fair amount of speed. The quality of the parts is pretty modest but functional.

We keep in an the sales floor and often send people out on it for a "test ride". If nothing else, it is a good conversation starter.

We also have a bike called an Alien (not the Nishiki) which looks like a conventional mid-priced mountain bike except if has a front drive hand crank as well. The front cranks are in phase which gets your nose pretty close to the drive sprocket. The front also has 5 gears with its own shifter. Let's see 5 gears on the front drive, 3 on the crank, 6 in the rear........blows the Campy 3 x 10 stuff away!!! If anyone is interested, I could snap a couple of pictures of it. Jeff Archer First Flight Bicycles 216 S. Center St. Statesville, NC 28677 704.878.9683 phone 704.878.9689 FAX Always looking for old or unusual mountain bikes and parts

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> << ax about a year, then had the
> opportunity to head Trek's growing bike building. I remember looking at the
> Alenax machines at the Long Beach show >>
> Whoever was behind Alenax, they had tons of venture capital to play with.
> I recall maybe at least three years worth of very extravagant promotions at
> bike shows before the first production bike was available. I remember at one of
> the last NYC shows, they had a huge center aisle space with many beautiful
> women (models) posing on rotating platforms, and giant transparency photo panels
> showing Alenax bikes revolutionizing the world of cycling. Road Alenax,
> mountain Alenax, commuting Alenax. At that time, they also hired a top group of
> bike industry management people away from other companies & all were paid very
> well indeed (Tim Isaac included.)
> Yet year after year, no product to sell.
> When bikes finally were being produced, it was almost an anticlimax. The
> bikes were made in Taiwan (few companies were doing that yet, Japan was the
> quality supplier then) and of indifferent quality. Plus the Transbar drive gimmick
> was quick to wear thin in real use. Few were sold and the Alenax company went
> down like a stone.
> I DID hear that a dealer in northern Virginia is sitting on a huge pile of
> these. Dubious distinction. All are lower priced model, mountain bike
> configuration.
> Collectibilty? I think everyone needs one of these on display with their
> Facet BioCam, Houdaille PowerCam, Rise-In-Go, Auto-bike and whatever other
> eccentric drive bikes have emerged (and disappeared!)
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