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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:22:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Quigley <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Alenax
To: Martin Needleman <>,
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I have an Alenax bike on display in my garage... I rode it a few times at night, where no one can see me, It really is a funny sight to see, but I must admit... it actually rides well! Maybe one day it will be a collectible, who knows.

John Quigley OKC, OK

Martin Needleman <> wrote: As of 2002 the Alenax was still being produced by TRB Systems International which makes "light electrical vehicles, medical/fitness equipment and bicycles with 165-degree horizontally opposed lever cranks"! The CEO/owner of TRB is Byong Yim, the proprietor of Alenax from 1983 and following until the name change to TRB. The Alenax bike model numbers all started with TRB - e.g., TRB500 was the mountain bike, TRB1000 was "for the all around athlete or fitness enthusiast".

I'm the proud owner 8*) of a RARE TRB1000 ladies model. It was ridden once only by the previous owner's wife and then repacked in the original (?) box. His comment was "She rode it once and then said that she was never going to ride it again."

Free to the first list member who wants it for the cost of shipping from zip 21401 but, since Larry Black has four Alenax bikes and might need a ladies model to round out the collection, he gets first dibs. I'll even deliver to Mt. Airy or College Park. Such a deal!!!

Martin Needleman Annapolis, MD wrote:
> In a message dated 10/1/2003 9:09:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> Collectibilty? I think everyone needs one of these on display with their
> Facet BioCam, Houdaille PowerCam, Rise-In-Go, Auto-bike and whatever other
> eccentric drive bikes have emerged (and disappeared!)
> Dale Brown
> cycles de ORO, Inc.
> 1410 Mill Street
> Greensboro, North Carolina 27408
> Whew!
> I feel relieved to know that even the Duke of Lists alows such ponderings. I
> realize Bio and PoerCams were targeted at the liteweight crowd, and I
> appreciate the strange as much as anyone. We have many more going in there soon as
> they get old enough. Rotor drive??2003 (sorry Howie Cohen) Paradigm Gear??
> (1989, North Carolina-Sorry, Dale)
> I even have a softride that's CR-styled and should soon approach the CR age
> mark.A captivating Hollands with a classic paint scheme and nice lugwork all
> decked out for the long haul.
> In fact, I have a dozen 'softies' taken on trade and still new in cartons
> from what might have been the heyday.(sorry, beamers. We even sell them new on
> tandems, a so-far acceptable application for a stoker)
> John Schubert and I started a list of the weird and after a few rounds, it
> usually gets an addition or two.
> Larry Black
> Mt Airy, Md.