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From: "Thomas R. Adams, Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Tubular Tires
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 20:42:49 +0000

Two additional notes and a question:

A. The Tufo glue strips are an excellent product for no mess installation of and super tenacious hold. I haven't noticed any slipping on my two sets of tubulars. So far I've only had to remove one Tufo tire from a rim, and it took me 10 minutes and a blistered thumb to finally get the tire off. BTW, the tire wasn't flat; I wanted to re-lace that hub to a heavier rim. The glue strips hold so tight I'd be worried about a non-tufo tire's base tape ripping off when you pulled the tire. Also, the tape sticks to the tire, not the rim, so for on the road replacement of a shredded tire, you have to carry another glue strip to install the new tire.

B. And another reminder for those looking for fat tubulars, Tufo makes the D28 cyclocross tire with a diamond tread design. I've only put a hundred miles on my set this summer, but they seem to be quite suitable road tires (the diamonds are very small). I've run mine at 110 psi, with no troubles in spite of the advertised 95psi max. Comfort is excellent, but you better have long reach brakes with the pads set low to clear these monster skins. Diameter is a true 28-30 mm, and height is about the same. Also, they do seem to have just a smidgen more rolling resistance compared to a regular road tire, either clincher or tubie. Of course that could be all in my head. Maybe when the diamonds wear down a bit more---.

C. Finally, has anyone heard anything more about the rumoured 25 mm Tufo Carbon Tandem tubular? The only problem with Tufo is that their affordable tires only go up to 21-22 mm's, except for the Diamond Pros, which aren't everyone's cup of tea. I was told by one shop they had heard the 25mm tire would be available sometime in the summer. If it comes with a gum sidewall, it might be our answer to a tough, fat affordable vintage road tubie. But we are a small market, as are tandems, so maybe Tufo shelved the project.

Tom Adams, Tufo fan in Shrewsbury NJ



>Subject: [CR]Re: Tubular Tires

>Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 15:35:58 EDT


>I'm a little biased towards Tufos since I am the West Coast distributor;

>however, the sealant does work very well on small punctures from thorns,

>steel belt radial pieces and similar items. Large cuts will not seal up.

>Glass is our enemy in Southern California.


>I sell the sealant for $3 for the small tube and $5 for the large tube. I

>usually carry half a tube with me and if I get a flat, it is my first

>choice. You don't have to remove the valve core and the tube is design to

>thread on to the valve body.


>Tufo tires tend to work better with the sealant because they are

>"tubeless." Tubes in normal tires move independently from the casing and

>if something like a thorn remains in the tire, it will continue to tear

>away at the tube. With Tufos, I often leave the object in and many times

>the tire will not go flat even without the sealant. I often demonstrate

>this by sticking a safety pin in my tire. No air comes out even without

>the sealant.


>Jim Cushing-murray

>aka Mr. Tufo

>Del Mar CA