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There are some odd ones. I have a mid-70's LeChampion with original "Le Champion" decals and the full 531 DB decal (in French). And it has the half chromed fork and satys, so I'm convinced it is a Le Champion. But the paint scheme is the classic black-red-and-gold one associated with Grand Record, and the geometry is more relaxed like Grand Record. The brake reach was actually too long for Mafac Competitions. The Le Champion was supposed to be a racing model, but this frame is more of a sport, audex, light touring type. Bought it from a guy in Canada, maybe there was a different model of Le Champion sold there.


Jerry Moos

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> Jim, I forwarded your photo to Mike Edgerton - he told me that he owned
> every model year of the Le Champion, but he did not mention the Team
> Champion.
> Jerry - My '74 (or '73?) Grand Record has half chrome forks and painted
> stays. I believe it's original paint since it's so "seasoned". The fellow
> who sold me the frame said he bought the bike new in 1974 in California, and
> has been the sole owner and never had it painted. Hmmmm - I wonder if our
> French friends did things differently on individual frames?


> Dave Whitney