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Subject: Re: [CR]71 Raleigh Pro on eBay
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 18:07:20 -0400

What historical integrity? The Pro was never offered with Super Record parts. And I don't believe that Super Record existed when this frame was built.

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Subject: [CR]71 Raleigh Pro on eBay

> This Raleigh Pro (apparently a 1971 from the "F" serial number) looks
> mostly original to me. The seller says he is going to strip the frame
> of its parts and sell frame only! It breaks my heart. I'd love to own
> this bike. It's even in my size! (but not in my budget).
> Perhaps Sheldon Brown can at least get photos from him for the
> RetroRaleigh website before its historic integrity is forever gone.
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