RE: suggestion for Dale Re: [CR]Velo Pics - Now Calendar (Dave Wh itney)

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Subject: RE: suggestion for Dale Re: [CR]Velo Pics - Now Calendar (Dave Wh itney)
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 12:39:58 -0400

I for one would gladly buy a Classicrendezvous calendar. (sans swimsuits). When I was active in a Massachusetts Ducati Club called Crazed Ducati Riders of Mass (CD-Rom), we had one made showing club member's bikes in some beautiful settings with a small insert photo of the owner. Sadly, one very popular member was killed in a crash, and I still have his July 1999 picture on my wall. If this becomes a reality, I wouldn't mind finding out who did the printing and photo gathering or assist somehow. I seem to recall buying it for $20 or so, and wish it had become a yearly thing.

Dave (also with too much time on my hands) Whitney Portland, Maine

************************************ Dale and all

I have a suggestion...a sick suggestion but a good one nonetheless...Do you remember the GT/Dyno Swimsuit calendar of a few years ago?? you remember that one everyone...admit it now!! I suggest we put together a CR calendar for the future. Classic bikes in classic bike settings...CR members bikes...classic rendezvous swimsuit calendar. I will let the swimsuit section up for grabs...real swimsuit females or podium girls OR...spoof on the swimsuit calendar with the likes of Brian Baylis or some other CR characters in speedos...whoa...goosebumps and chills on that thought!

Walt "obviously not too busy today" Skrzypek Falls Creek, pa