[CR] Air-free , Air-less , Tires , Tyres - was - Tubular tire repair...help!

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Subject: [CR] Air-free , Air-less , Tires , Tyres - was - Tubular tire repair...help!

O.K. , so I'm a "retro-grouch" . I love Tradition ( capitol T , as spoken by Tevya in "Fiddler" ) . I read things such as "Classic Rendezvous Mailing List" , "Vintage Bicycle Quarterly" , "Rivendell Reader" , etc .

I believe old-old things which have somehow miraculously managed to survive , should remain original . "A thing is only original once ." And if you absolutely must replace a small part of some historic machine , try to remain faithful to the original .


I do respect and recognize true advancements . The next time I set up a pair of tubular wheels , I won't use regular old glue , with regular old sew-up tires . I'll use Tufo tape , Tufo tubular tires ( not sewn , actually really tubular ! ) , and Tufo tire sealant .

After decades of nasty failure , and semi-success , it seems that tire sealant for high-pressure bicycle tires might finally WORK !!

So , despite years of explaining to casual cyclists just exactly why the DON'T want "foam-tires" , "puncture-proof-tires" , etc . . .

I am ready to admit that there might have been some significant advances made , in the past several decades . And I admit that this is especially true in the fields of plastics and synthetic rubbers .

So Daniel , when you wrote "airlesstires.com" , did you mean "airfreetires.com" ?

Google couldn't find "airless tires" . Also , Air Free Tires does make a Daytona TT . It is interesting reading . Those tires actually seem tempting to me , for a commuter bicycle . Maybe more appropriate for "BOB List" that "C. R. List" ??

I still recall with some horror , seeing the ruined remains of cheap hubs , after thoughtless "casual" riders had fitted hard tires onto their "casual" bicycles . Please don't beat to death any vintage hubs!!!! They don't make those nice old hubs , nor those nice old headsets , anymore!!!! But maybe this idea has finally been done successfully ??

Positive experiences anyone ?





( scroll down for "airless" )

( you can not deny physics )

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> I'll say again though few will listen - check out Airless Daytona time trial tires (airlesstires.com). No pump, no patches, no spares, no flats, no worries. Tires used to be my biggest maintenance problem commuting 40 miles a day, now they are the last thing I ever worry about. I use Tufos and sealant on my weekend rider (country roads and I can't afford to change my tubular rims so I can't switch to Airless tires - yet) but switching to Airless tires has given me a whole new feeling of freedom when I ride. I will never go back. Putting air in tires? What a dumb idea!
> Daniel S. Swords
> New Orleans, LA
> Roadgiant@cs.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've managed to suffer six flats in the last five rides each time
> removing a tiny thorn that looks like a miniature roofing nail. Each tire has been
> brand new and my question for the list is: How does one remove the base tape
> on tubulars so that one can begin the futile task of patching and
> re-stitching? It will make me feel like I took action over these thorns if I can make a
> stab, take a shot, cut through this tubular tire repair issue.
> Thanks in advance.
> (Old tubulars make fun dog toys! They grab on and you can spin them
> around! I have six available for immediate sale! Delight your canines!)
> Scott Smith
> The peaceful village of Van Nuys, Ca-lee-fornia!