RE: [CR]Building up a 1961 Hetchins

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Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 21:50:02 -0400
To: ("jerrymoos"),
Subject: RE: [CR]Building up a 1961 Hetchins

Jerry, I had a similar challenge when I bought a '58 Vade Mecum frameset from Martin Coopland last year. Here is how I built it up:

TDC Headset BW Bottom Bracket Chater Lea Chainset (single chainring) NR Chrome Pedals w/loop (sorta period) Benelux Rear Derailleur and DT Shifter (shifts sweetly once adjusted properly) Titan Bars and Stem Reynold Alloy Seat Pin Mafac Racer Brakes Brooks Swallow Fiamme Red Label rims FB Large Flange hubs 4 speed 14-20 1/8" Freewheel

Many british machines of this era were equipped with a single chainring. If you can rationalize a fixed gear then a 4 speed is quite a luxury!

My Hetchins rides fabulously! With tubulars mine weighs in at 22 lbs. Let us know how you like yours when it is complete.

Paul Raley Leonardtown MD

"jerrymoos" <> wrote:
>I purchased the 1961 Hetchins Brillant Curly that Griff King-Spooner had for
>sale.  Now the question of how to build it up.  I'm not a guy who gets anal
>about the year on a Campy NR derailleur or crank, but I would like the
>Hetchins to be approximately period correct.  This is my first venture into
>the wonderful world of Hetchins.  This is also my first frameset this old.
>I have one or two bikes as old, but they came complete, so choice of parts
>wasn't a big issue. Unfortunately, most of my parts stash is NR era or a
>little newer.  1961 is before Campy NR, Stronglight 93, Zeus Criterium,
>Simplex SLJ, etc. And I think the Mafac Racers in 1961 were marked Dural
>Forge.  I guess TA Cyclotourist or Stronglight 49 would be OK, maybe Lyotard
>Berthet pedals, but what about wheels, derailleurs, shift levers, HS,
>seatpost, brakes, bars, stem?  Any suggestions welcome.




>Jerry Moos