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Subject: Re: [CR]Identify some wooden rims? - Single Tube Tires
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 10:47:12 -0500

Hey Ann ,

Those original "single-tube" tires , from circa 1890 - 1925 , and the wooden ( or steel-clad wood ) rims for those tires , use just exactly the same diameter as modern , year 2003 , "sew-up" or "tubular" tires , and the modern "tubular" rims .

However , the old-old wooden rims , for single-tube tires , were usually wider , which meant that the sides had more room to curve up at the sides . So , the old-old wooden rims have higher sides .

As someone pointed out on the C. R. List , not long ago , single-tube tires were usually NOT glued or shellacked onto their rims . So , the higher sides of the rims , and some air-pressure , were usually the only things holding them in place .

Try slipping a modern sew-up tire , onto one of the antique rims ( wipe the old dirt off the old rim first :^) . If the modern tire is at least an o.k. fit , slightly loose , or slightly tight , or won't quite go on , then those are regular old standard sized rims !

The normal common standard size , for rims and tires on adult bicycles , was called "28 inch" .

This is the same as 700 size now , for sew-ups , or for wired-on ( "clincher" ) tires .

Yes , there are also big tires and tubes for "English Roadsters" , like the Raleigh DL-1 Tourist , in the 28 x 1 1/2 inch size ! Those are not the ones I'm talking about ! :^)

622 mm does NOT equal 635 mm

It's very interesting that the particular pair your customer brought in were 32-hole 40-hole .

How wide are they ?

Wooden rims range anywhere from as wide as the rims for 26-inch "Balloon" tires , to as narrow as modern tubular rims .

I'm surprised that no one on the list has anything to say about French Fairbankes Viper rims .

I can't say that I've heard of that brand before . But the name certainly sounds good !!

And some one certainly would be willing to pay a good price for them !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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Subject: [CR]Identify some wooden rims?

> Hey all you wooden rim aficionados out there...
> Customer came in the shop with a pair of wooden rims sans hubs and spokes
> today.
> 1 40 hole
> 1 32 hole
> Each rim had two labels, one label was in black and said "Fairbankes Made
> in France."
> The other label was 180 on the other side of the rim, a blue diamond
> outlined in red with the name "Viper" centered between "trade" and "mark."
> They were in pretty good shape and the customer asked me the value, which I
> don't know, but I think he'd like to sell them. They look like road bike
> rims to me and are designed for a glue on sew up tire. Maybe 26"? Email me
> if this is of interest, or maybe post here if you have info I can share
> with my customer.
> Thanks!
> Ann Phillips, Decatur GA