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Subject: Re: [CR]FS Wool trainers available soon - (delete if uninterested)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 18:58:31 -0700


Wow! How can I resist one of those FAEMA trainers? There's Eddy sitting on top of a Masi Special exactly like the one I have, except for the decals. White with red panels and I can even see the long oval cutouts is the BB shell. The photo says 1968. I estimate my Masi to be 1969. I assume you and Peter will have the trainers too, since you each have a simular Masi, no? We can be twins. I seem to remember being attached to your chest by my head at some point earlier in my life. Didn't it require one of those epic surgueries to seperate us?

I've always liked black trainers, they match my winter tights for a snazzy look. I wish I had a wool hat to match. BTW, I wouldn't be saying this unless I had ALREADY shelled out the cash for one of these beauties. I'm NOT going to be one of those who miss out!

I'm still in for the Masi trainer as well.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA
Soon to be warm and fuzzy.

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Subject: [CR]FS Wool trainers available soon - (delete if uninterested)

> Wool fans:
> It's time to start thinking about cooler weather riding and the necessary wool longsleeve sweaters or 'trainers' that make riding so much more comfortable. Two models of trainers are currently being produced and should be ready in about a month. These are guaranteed to bring a smile to the lucky person who wears one, and will certainly be a conversation starter at your next club gathering or ride. And they even look great with a pair of jeans at the local Italian ristorante.
> The MOLTENI trainer will be in limited quantities, so place your order now for this beautiful 100% Merino wool beauty, guaranteed to turn heads wherever it is worn. If the response at this year's Interbike is any indication, the Molteni trainer will go quickly. I spent two hours walking the floor while wearing the Molteni trainer and I was stopped approximately every 50 feet by admirers of this gem of a sweater. It really does stand out in a crowd. Don't miss out.
> $189 + s/h. U.S. unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
> Also...
> Available for the first time, and in limited quantities, is the authentic FAEMA trainer, identical to the one worn by Merckx and Adorni, as seen in the photo:
> visit and place your order soon. When they're gone, that's it. Another winter without one of these masterpieces would be unbearable! Don't miss out.
> $189 + s/h. U.S. unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
> Jan Johnson
> Portola Valley, CA USA
> (Woolistic/Vintage Velos)