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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 12:06:22 +0200
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Subject: Re: [CR]Fwd: Eddy Max leader lugged still avail? Interbike '03
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If I remember correctly these framesets were offered to the list @ less than a ''GRAND!'' from us. Toss in shipping of $ 75.- and you'll be saving just a little over 5 bills, unless you get pinched by the U.S CUSTOMS!....................And for sure you be getting something that is correct! They have the yellow and pink seat tube bands installed ''WRONG!'' Should be, yellow on top and pink on the bottom! If you're going to pay the full ride then you should receive as correct as possible!...........Fair is Fair!

BTW: These are not a limited ( Special edition framesets! ) They are the old steel handging on the walls at Merckx! If they were a truely limited edition frameset then the offering would not just be limited to 57cm through 63cm as what is listed on the site of Gita!...~This is what it reads. So! What is listed on their site and what is said at the show is totally off from what I'm told?? There was only '' 4 or 5 '' 54cm left in stock and I got 2 of them. I have a master copy of the bare framesets from Merckx of which was passed onto the distributor of the Benelux and it reads 54, 55 and 56 And nothing else! This list was had within minutes of asking while visiting this supplier! And this was MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO! Now someone is pulling someones legs and I don't think it's myself. Maybe they are having some of the 200 or so painted framesets repainted..Of which I'm not sure how many wuld be MX Leaders?....................Or they could have been planning this offering years ago! But the Gita site offerings of 57 to 63 is telling me other.

OK!.So who's going to have their legs pulled out of their sockets! NOT ME!.Oh that should read ''NOT I!'' Yeh!...............I'm talking a little mess...............And having some fun!

BC Baron C.....................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles Eindhoven Holland!..................WOW! WHERE THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY!

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> Dale Brown wrote:
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> > Hey! I thought Merckx had stopped making steel and it was only a few
> > leftovers to be grabbed up, etc etc? Look at this:
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> > In a message dated 10/16/2003 11:40:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> > writes:
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> > Interbike is like a candy store for cyclists. The show floor
> > is decorated with thousands of new bikes made of aluminum,
> > titanium and carbon in every conceivable mix. But the bike
> > that caught our fancy is lugged steel, and it comes in just
> > one color -- Molteni orange. Yep, it's a Merckx MX Leader
> > ($1,600 frame/fork), the latest incarnation of the first
> > bike Eddy ever built. It features a MAX Nivacrom tubeset,
> > elegant steel fork and his youthful mug on the head and seat
> > tubes, just like in 1977. The ultimate big rider's rig, this
> > sturdy mount is what Belgians call a "cobblestone bike"
> > capable of taking punishment ride after ride. But it'll
> > still build up to a decently svelte 20 pounds with modern
> > components. Available in 54 to 63 cm in 1-cm increments.
> > >>
> >
> > Dale Brown
> > Greensboro, NC
> I have one of these. Mine is from 1991 and is a Motorola Merckx MX
> Leader ridden by Andy Hampsten in the spring classics. While it may be
> a cobblestone bike to the Belgians the ride and general feeling of the
> bike is light; not heavy feeling in the least. A very nice ride.
> The impressive thing with this frame at the time was that a set of lugs
> was made up to go with the Columbus MAX Nivacrom tubeset (ends squashed
> on mutually perpedicular axes), instead of just tig welding the tubes together.
> A wonderful bike!
> Chuck "orthogonal shaped" Schmidt

> South Pasadena, CA


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